Monday, December 19, 2011're it!

Hi, Honoré here: Lately I've been smitten by tags... you know, those sundry shipping tags that come in a variety of sizes. Perhaps it's the season since tags are pretty much on most of our minds as we begin (anyone finished?) to wrap holiday presents and/or finish making cards. Or perhaps it's the fact that as I've visited blogs throughout this month, I'm seeing lots of clever ideas and tutorials for making tags for everything from creating shopping or to-do lists to fabric books to clever ways to package gift cards. Seems that the sky is the limit.

Tags are quite versatile; they can be used as:
  1. gifts
  2. shopping/to-do lists
  3. substrate for practicing techniques ranging from masking, misting, stamping, and stenciling, to journaling or taking notes
  4. embellishments on pages in a mini album or as pages on which to mount photos from your iPhone or camera phone.
You can write, paint, stitch, glue, type, stamp, cut, tear, crumble, or emboss tags. Don't like what you did? Not a problem; just paint over the tag and use it to try something else...or save it and cut it into shapes or strips or adhere it to a page in your art journal for use further down the road...
In the scheme of things, tags are really quite inexpensive and handy little things to have around. Being quite portable, you can carry them with you at all times for those unexpected free moments.

Over the next couple weeks, between the holidays' lull, why not play with some tags. Try out a technique or a supply that is new to you. A tag is small and definitely not as intimidating as a full sized piece of art paper or a blank page in an art journal. Have Fun. Play. Experiment. And remember, you don't need to throw the tag can be used in your art journal or recycled as an embellishment or used to make a grocery, to-do, or don't forget list...
And while we're on the subject of tags, have you checked out the new class - Peeled Pages -coming in January that features tags as pages? Check out the description here and don't tarry about registering: seating is limited and spaces are filling up fast.
Happy Holidays!

PS: This tutorial by Tammy Tutterow is a great example of creating a tag in action. And of course, you can purchase most if not all of the supplies and tools, including some of the Crafter's Workshop stencils, right here at The Queen's Ink. How about a gift from you to you?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

art makin' for all ages...

Honoré here: Yesterday, Sat Dec 4, there was lots of activity going on in the store to celebrate its 11th birthday: a toy drive, a class and a smorgasbord of tasty snacks and delightful, sinful desserts. As I wandered through the store, stopping to admire the growing collection of little houses sitting on the piano, I was thinking: this store has so much eye  candy and interesting things that children would love to get their hands on to explore and create.

Continuing my walkabout through the store, I peeped into the class in session; the group was learning to use Copic markers and microfine glitter from Elizabeth Crafts to make really cool embellishments.
In the class was a young lady, nine years old, who takes many classes at Queen's Ink and who, in her own words, "has been making art since she started walking, oh, when she was about 18 months old."
Hearing her words, memories from my childhood flooded over me. Next to reading, my absolute favorite activity was making art. I had one go-to book - whose title totally escapes me; all that I can remember is the book had all sorts of interesting things for me to do and learn. And, that is the same thought I have about The Queen's Ink... so many interesting things for me to do and learn!

The Queen's Ink is not only for adults - there are also treasures and discoveries for children, from A - Z (artist trading cards to Zentangles). So, might I suggest that you introduce a child (including your inner one) to the treasures and discoveries at The Queen's Ink: a class; a rubber stamp; a fun mixed media project like the houses currently on display, etc. 
I think you'll both be delighted with your finds. Enjoy!


PS. You can start with a gift certificate in any denomination you want, and certificates are good for a entire year.