Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Making a list...

Greetings! Honoré here. I've been 'silent' for the past couple months; broke my write/right hand and just a week ago did my brace come off. I am now slowly but deliberately relearning how to use my hand… physical therapy in December and hopefully, come 2014, I'll be back to my old self, again.
Needless to say, my creative endeavors have been seriously curtailed, so I am so. looking. forward. to. this next month.

And speaking of, I just looked over the December's activities and class schedule…lots of fun things happening the first couple weeks of the month: classes and contests and celebration of the Queen's Ink's  13th birthday…next weekend, Dec 7 & 8, 10 AM to 8 PM.

Again this year, The Queen's Ink will be collecting "birthday" gifts: children's clothing (coats, hats, scarves, mittens, etc), toys and art supplies to help make Christmas merry for a lot of kiddos in the area. Check out the details here or call the shop for more information.

 I am intrigued with the new Seasonal Zentangle Project Workshop scheduled for December 4 or 14. I have always admired the illuminated letter Q piece hanging in the shop. Hoping I'll be able to take the class…

There are a lot of other goodies: classes that will help you make a few gifts for your favorite persons and also, on the schedule, there's a banner contest going on right now; read the post below for the details. Sounds like a load of fun.

I hope to see you at the Shop and even in a class/workshop or two.



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Banner Challenge

It’s a Banner year at The Queen’s Ink this holiday season! Help us decorate for the holidays… create a holiday-themed banner that can be strung and hung in our shoppe. Your banner must not exceed 8.5”x11” and must have two holes punched approximately 1 inch from each side and the top of the banner. Bring your project to the shop by December 7th (our Birthday), so we can display throughout the holiday season. Prizes will be awarded by The Queen on December 21st.
First Prize: $50 Gift Certificate for The Queen’s Ink
Second Prize: $25 Gift Certificate for The Queen’s Ink
Third Prize: $15 Gift Certificate for The Queen’s Ink