Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Capturing Thanksgiving Memories on the Go*

What's on your workdesk today? Could it be a recipe for baking a turkey or making some other delectable dish for tomorrow's Thanksgiving holiday meal? Do you remember the first time you set out to bake a turkey, all on your own? Do you stuff your turkey... or bake the stuffing separately? What's your favorite part of the turkey?

Do you have a favorite dish that has always been served on Thanksgiving? Was it passed down from one generation to another? Do you have the original, handwritten recipe?

What other memories and traditions are unique to your family, you? Will you be making new traditions this year?  How will you record the events of this Thanksgiving? Have you carved out some me time for yourself? I hope so...

If you are the principal cook, here are some ideas for stealing me time and documenting as you attend to the tasks of the day:

  1. Take about 15 minutes today (or very early  tomorrow (Thanksgiving ) morning, especially if you're going to be home) and pull out your art (or SMASH) journal. Prep a page spread or two, some tags and/or plain 3 x 5 index cards.  
  2. During the day, as you're waiting for the timer to go off, use the tags or index cards to make notes about things that a) you remember and/or b) are happening. Keep them in your apron pocket ---psst: aprons are great tools for keeping your art tools close at hand...
  3. Or, using your favorite writing tool, put those thoughts directly on your art journal page. 
  4. Periodically,  give yourself a zen moment: grab a couple Zentangle cards and make a Zentangle too!
  5. Remember your phone camera and Instagram or Twitter - they are all quick and easy ways to document an idea, thought, happening.
  6. Encourage your guests to jot down on a tag or index card a sentence or two about their favorite Thanksgiving dish or memory. All ages can play, too...and you can use your phone camera to capture their photos to add to your journal spread later.
Later, when the last football score has been made and the last load of dishes washed, fix yourself a drink, prop your feet up, pull out your notecards and tags and/or journal, review your photo snapshots and savor the day and the memories made and recalled.  Some you will add to your journal and others, no doubt, will find a home in other places.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for following this blog.



* These ideas will work for other holidays, too! And a reminder: This Saturday, November 24, is Small Business Saturday. Head on over to the Queen's Ink and see what's new and in store for the rest of 2012!


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