Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Queens for a Day by Judi Kauffman for The Queen’s Ink

By Order of the Queen (and that would be Patti Euler!), we’ve all been summoned to a ‘Sweet Sixteen Soiree’ at The Queen’s Ink on Saturday, January 28, 2017, from Noon to Five.

It’s going to be quite a celebration. Sixteen years of creativity, art, and friendship. And crowns. Lots and lots of crowns. And tiaras. And if I’m guessing right, Patti will be wearing a very regal velvet robe so no one will accidentally mistake the ‘Head Queen’ for the rest of us mere royals-for-a-day!

I’ll be sporting a Shimmer Sheetz crown that mixes paper flowers with resin buttons and gem-topped brads. I’m bringing some tiaras for others to wear that day as well.

If you want to make your own crowns and tiaras at some point in the near future, please let us hear from you and we’ll schedule a class. I designed the custom die as a sixty-fifth birthday gift to myself and Patti fell in love with it so she got one for the store!

Look closely at the photos below (four tiaras) to see how the die will cut both positive and negative strips at the same time, like a long puzzle with two interlocking pieces. The non-brad embellishments are all securely held in place with my go-to, the super strong Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs.

One 5” x 12” piece of Shimmer Sheetz, backed with double sided adhesive sheet and another piece of Shimmer Sheetz or synthetic suede for stability, cuts either two tiaras or two crown-halves.

Now where on earth did I put those glass slippers? Oh, now I remember. I donated them to Goodwill because they were so darn uncomfortable!

See you in a few days, Your Majesties!


  1. That's a stunning crown...your highness! Have a fun day at Queen's Ink.

  2. I bow to the Queen of Shimmer Sheets, namely Judi K! Such a festive crown. Have a fun celebration! Wish I could come ... (distance is a royal pity).