Saturday, March 21, 2020

Quarantine Strategies: Start a New Traveler’s Notebook Insert! By Judi Kauffman for The Queen’s Ink

The quarantine continues. I thought it would cheer me up to start a new Kraft brown Traveler’s Notebook insert, even though the previous one isn’t quite done - a fresh start during a confusing time that’s filled with unknowns. After all, there is no rule that a person has to finish one insert before starting the next, right?

The cover, shown in its entirety above and in close-ups below, is either finished or partway done. I’ll let it simmer for a while before deciding. The vertical band is photo paper stamped with inks straight from the pads. It’s a super easy way to get an abstract effect. The torn collage bits are mulberry paper adhered with a glue stick. I picked white acrylic paint to tie things together. But I’m thinking that something nature-themed would be a good addition. (Please leave a comment if you have ideas to share.)

I made a pocket from part of an envelope for the inside of the front cover. The facing page incorporates stamps from RubberMoon (‘Start a new chapter’ and ‘I think I’ll be an artist...’ are currently available), along with stamps from my collection (vintage Picture Show and The Stampsmith).

I’m starting to prep some of the other pages with torn paper and paint, ready for found poetry, drawings, stamping, writing, doodling, and whatever else comes to mind.
How do you use art during stressful times?

One of my neighbors says she likes having a place to let out her dark thoughts and her fears so she’s turned to journaling. An online friend is taking several classes to use her time at home for learning new things.

I tend to turn to die cutting and stamping most often these days, though I’ve found that I’m drawn more and more to painting and embroidery.  And my Traveler’s Notebook is never far from my side. Welcoming a new insert booklet feels just right for right now.

I hope your creative pursuits will be a safe and happy place during these trying days.

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