Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do YOU Zentangle?

Well, do you?
Patti is away this week at a Zentangle Master Class. The store is running Zentangle Basics and Intermediate Classes monthly. The Basics class is an introduction to the philosophy of Zentagling using the preferred tools of Zentagle creators Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Intermediate classes (which are numbered but do not needed to be taken in order) focus on learning and using 6-8 specific tangles (there are 102 in all!)
We are fully stocked with Zentagle supplies and Design Originals books written by certified Zentangle teachers.
Our next Zentangle Basics class is Tuesday, August 10th and our next Intermediate Class (#2) is August 11th. Sign up and check it out!


  1. I have _terrible_ luck with this! I want to learn the 'official' way to do Zentangles. I've been experimenting with my own methods and really enjoy doing this kind of sketching. :)

    I just got back from a week-long road trip (literally an hour ago - trying to catch up on my email backlog:). Might have to take the intermediate classes before the basics.

    :) Linda

  2. I have a group of friends that would like a Saturday class in April if that can be arranged for Zentangle Basics. How many people do you need to have a class?