Wednesday, November 2, 2011

gel printing fun...

Hi, it's Honoré here. If you remember, earlier in October, the Queen's Ink got a new product, a gel printing plate by Gelli Arts that makes it totally possible to monoprint without using gelatin! Clearly a 21st Century advancement. In my first/last post, I indicated that I had purchased a gel printing plate and that I'd share experiences and impressions. For starters, I had fun! Really super messy fun!

If you check out this post, you'll see a link to a video demonstration on how to use the gel plate. First, let me say it really is as easy as demonstrated, and clean up is a snap too. However, my workspace, hands and apron did not stay clean and neat as you'll see on the video. Or could it be that I'm just messy?!

I tried a variety of ways to make marks: rubber and foam stamps; stencils; and found items from the kitchen and various junk drawers. I used plastic forks, Q-tips, a meat tenderizer, a toothbrush, paintbrushes with different tips, my fingers and even a seashell I found. Stencils work least best as the paint always has a tendency to leak - it's better to dab paint on a stencil. I liked the impressions made by the rubber stamp better than those created with a foam stamp. The most fun were the "household found items." My suggestion: gather those items before you get started and just play. Here are a couple photos from my playtime:

The left, teal print was made with a stencil; the right, with stamps.

All the markings in this photo were made with the found household items; the yellow piece is also printed on muslin. I really like the texture and the clarity of the markings. Gonna have to try printing on fabrics, more.

Queen's Ink has both sizes of the gel plates: the 6 x 6 and the 8 x 10. I think if you like printing and want to try your hand at a simple, fun and creative way to print your art journal pages, tags and other mixed media pieces, you can't go wrong with this tool.
Let us know what you make.


PS. And it'll make a great gift too; even children,I'd say ages 8+, will take to it.

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