Sunday, December 4, 2011

art makin' for all ages...

Honoré here: Yesterday, Sat Dec 4, there was lots of activity going on in the store to celebrate its 11th birthday: a toy drive, a class and a smorgasbord of tasty snacks and delightful, sinful desserts. As I wandered through the store, stopping to admire the growing collection of little houses sitting on the piano, I was thinking: this store has so much eye  candy and interesting things that children would love to get their hands on to explore and create.

Continuing my walkabout through the store, I peeped into the class in session; the group was learning to use Copic markers and microfine glitter from Elizabeth Crafts to make really cool embellishments.
In the class was a young lady, nine years old, who takes many classes at Queen's Ink and who, in her own words, "has been making art since she started walking, oh, when she was about 18 months old."
Hearing her words, memories from my childhood flooded over me. Next to reading, my absolute favorite activity was making art. I had one go-to book - whose title totally escapes me; all that I can remember is the book had all sorts of interesting things for me to do and learn. And, that is the same thought I have about The Queen's Ink... so many interesting things for me to do and learn!

The Queen's Ink is not only for adults - there are also treasures and discoveries for children, from A - Z (artist trading cards to Zentangles). So, might I suggest that you introduce a child (including your inner one) to the treasures and discoveries at The Queen's Ink: a class; a rubber stamp; a fun mixed media project like the houses currently on display, etc. 
I think you'll both be delighted with your finds. Enjoy!


PS. You can start with a gift certificate in any denomination you want, and certificates are good for a entire year.

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