Monday, April 3, 2017

Easter Eggs - Embossed Shimmer Sheetz By Judi Kauffman for The Queen’s Ink

I’m crazy about the Kaisercraft ‘Tiles’ embossing folder I picked up a couple of weeks ago at The Queen’s Ink and knew right away that it would be perfect for my annual Easter egg-making marathon! I get out the Shimmer Sheetz, emboss up a storm, and then cut out egg shapes to use on my cards and share as ornaments. I’m in Year Five, I think!

I no longer use messy dyes and real eggs. These are fast and fabulous.

 This year I made a few diorama cards, several small square cards with matching pocket-style envelopes, hanging ornaments, and flat-front cards, too. They’re meant as inspiration because no two people have the same supplies on hand.

I used patterned papers from my collection (calling it a collection instead of a stash gives it more panache, don’t you think?), as well as a vintage tulip-pattern embossing folder for the rows of flowers.

You can easily substitute stamped, stenciled, hand-drawn, hand-painted, or fussy-cut flowers. Instead of patterned papers for the backgrounds and small pocket envelopes, do some gel printing on paper and cardstock and you’ll be ready to roll! As to the embellishments, anything goes: Crocheted flowers, a resin bird, washi tape…

Or stick to solid color cardstock. Simple, fast, and…Easy Isn’t Cheating!

For ornaments, simply emboss the Shimmer Sheetz, cut out the eggs, pierce or punch a hole at the top and add cord or ribbon. Shimmer Sheetz is colorfast and waterproof. As long as you use colorfast cord or ribbon the eggs can go outdoors. I like to hang a few on our neighbor’s tree! And they make great decorations for indoor parties, too.

Another option: Tuck a couple of these flat, lightweight, easy-to-mail ornaments into an envelope with a handwritten note or long letter. (Letter writing isn’t a lost art; it’s just been misplaced lately.)

Draw your own egg-shaped pattern template and hand-cut the eggs or use a commercial die if you prefer.

  • Shimmer Sheetz in colors of choice (Shown: Pink, Light Pink, White, Orange, and Yellow Iridescent)
  • Kaisercraft ‘Tiles’ embossing folder or folders of choice
  • Assorted papers, cardstock and embellishments
  • Additional embossing folders of choice
  • Cord or ribbon (for egg-shaped ornaments)
  • Templates or dies for envelopes and cards
  • Foam tape or squares, adhesives of choice


  1. Beautiful! Very springy and inspiring!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!I still have mine you sent me a year or two back.