Monday, July 10, 2017

Slice and Dice: Fun with Bits and Pieces! By Judi Kauffman for The Queen’s Ink

For the last several years, my friend Debbie and I have been slicing and dicing each other’s cards, postcards, and envelopes! No. Not all of them. Some of what we make for each other are deemed ‘keepers’ – cards that head straight for a bulletin board or album. But others get revised, sometimes more than once. We’re ruthless. We tear, we cut, we disassemble, mix, match, add, subtract, and combine.

It makes me grin just to think about it. No matter how hard I try to envision what she might do, I’m always surprised. And I love hearing what she thinks about what I’ve come up with!

My tag and two Artist Trading Cards came from five different cards of hers. Three of them included elements from several previous cards, an envelope and postcard I’d sent her, as well as a photo of flowers she printed from a digital image I’d emailed from my vacation.

A bonus from this exchange: We learn from and influence each other. For example, her use of ribbon and twine has totally changed how I use these soft, linear elements. And we’ve each developed the habit of using as little adhesive as possible to make it easier to pull things apart.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll recognize the face on my ATCs as a PaperArtsy stamp by Lynne Perrella. The eye and the word ‘Wisdom’ are from Patti Euler’s own Her Majesty’s stamp line, exclusive to The Queen’s Ink. The words ‘my real friend’ were cut from a RubberMoon stamp that says ‘I know who my real friends are,’ the gloved hand is from RubberMoon as well.

The embossed element at the top of the tag is Ruby Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz, lightly sanded to reveal the silver core.

There are pieces from gel prints Debbie made, scraps from a couple of my Magic Stamp papers, a tiny photo, and a host of bits and pieces from our extensive collections of ‘Good Stuff’…

1. Partner with a friend who likes the idea of slicing and dicing. Not all people would find this acceptable and it’s very important to set up the parameters before you start!

2. Send at least two cards to get things rolling. Bonus points if they’re sent in a decorated envelope that can be torn and cut into pieces.

3. Turn the cards into other cards, or switch to Artist Trading Cards, postcards, tags, and collages.

4. Mail your creations back and forth. Stop whenever you don’t see something new to add, remove, alter a little, or alter a lot!

5. Photograph each ‘before’ and ‘after’ if you want to have documentation of where things began and how they looked when revised. Or not!

Head to The Queen’s Ink or shop at the web store for the rubber stamps shown in these projects, as well as for substrates, inks, gel plates, adhesives, papers, gems, ribbon and other collage materials.


  1. What a fun idea. I think I'll look for a slice and dice friend.

  2. I do a similar thing (though not as advanced as you) with cards I receive. I take it apart if I can - generally I can't - and make new cards or ATCs out of the card I received. Then I generally I donate those cards. Sometimes use them myself to send out to other people if I need a card and haven't had time to make a card from scratch.
    With the ATCs, I add stuff to them then send them out inside the cards I send out.