Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Way Too Much Fun!

Hi, Honoré here: I'm so looking forward to next week's workshops with Dyan Reaveley, but I just have to share the workshop Queen Patti created for us loyal subjects the weekend before last: Peeled Pages...

In the Peeled Pages workshop, we used the Gelli Arts Printing Plate (Patti introduced it in the Painted Pages workshop I wrote about here). And, we used tags for our pages (read this post and you'll know that my heart swooned.) The Gelli Plate is so versatile, easy to use and to clean, and best of all, it's a lot of fun! Your imagination can run rampant, limited only by the sky. Coupled with tags, you can create for days, weeks...forever.

In this series of photos, Patti is demonstrating the process for creating the tag page:

Step 1 - Prepare the gel plate with paints and pattern...

             Step 2 - Place tag on plate and rub to transfer the paint/design...

                          Step 3 - Peel the tag off the gel plate. I ask you: how easy can that be?!

Here are a couple of my classmates and a look at their Peeled Pages Tag Albums:

Alice (best known as Al)

Sue  (best known as Immie)

and  mine!

(Oops, I think my album is upside down!)

One of the best things about taking a class at The Queen's Ink is the access to products you have: inks for stamping and misting, paints, tools, very helpful staff and of course, the Queen, herself! I urge you to check out the class schedule and treat yourself to a fun and fantastic learning adventure. I guarantee you'll have way too much fun!


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  1. So many good ideas and beautiful colors here. How fun to do this with other crafty ladies. I've just started playing with tags and LOVE them. Thanks for sharing these so I can try this.