Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wildflower Tags - By Judi Kauffman for The Queen's Ink


I’m back with my first project for August, a trio of wildly easy Wildflower Tags and a bonus tag that uses the same base layers but with a twist. Instead of wildflowers, it features three round embellishments and takes less than five minutes.

I had a double dose of inspiration: Tim Holtz’s Wildflower dies (it was a must-have set the minute I spied it) and Mother Nature’s wildflowers that are growing along the roads between here and the home of friends who live out in the country. I think that Tim really captured the delicacy and variety of these amazing plants, don’t you?

You may want to look back at the card and tags I designed for a previous post (Royal Stamping). Or maybe you’ve got a great memory and already noticed a few things that feel familiar! Yes, I have used the same polka dot Washi tape, and I made simple tags again.


Because it’s a great way to connect the dots (pun intended), using the same supplies in several ways to show how versatile they can be. I don’t want to buy something, use it once and then never need it again, do you? Plus, I have a long attention span for things I like to do, and I just love making tags in small series. Stamped tags one time, tags with embossed and sanded Shimmer Sheetz and die cuts the next (or as I call it, working ‘By the Batch’ method…).

As a designer, exploring something in depth has always made sense to me. As a teacher, inspiring other people to do the same is one of the best ways I can think of to turn everyone into a designer! It’s easy to gain confidence when you make several of something – no ONE thing becomes too important or precious, making mistakes and figuring out what to do about them gets easier and easier.

If you are an experienced paper crafter, scroll through the photos and head straight to the supply list. Make tags just like mine or use them to inspire your own versions.

If you are new to paper crafting, follow the steps below.

1. For each tag, cut a 3” x 5” rectangle from glittery cardstock or any solid color cardstock or designer cardstock that you prefer. (I used light pink and dark pink for the Wildflower Tags, sandy peach for the Bonus Tag.) Punch a quarter-inch hole, centered and about a half inch from the top edge. Cut off the corners at whatever angle looks good to your eye. Option: Use a tag-shaped cutting die. Design strategy – Use heavyweight cardstock for the base of your tag or glue two layers of lighter weight paper together.

2. Emboss a piece of Shimmer Sheetz with any dot pattern folder and lightly sand to tone down the shine and reveal the core color. Sand one side for raised dots, the other side for de-bossed dots. Rectangles shown measure 3.5” x 4” or 2” x 3.25” for Wildflower Tags, 2” x 4” for the Bonus Tag. (I chose Pink Iridescent and Light Pink Iridescent for the Wildflower Tags, Fire Opal Gemstone for the Bonus Tag.) Use a strong hold double-sided adhesive tape to adhere the rectangle to the tag, centered from left to right. If you want extra dimension, use foam tape. Design Strategy – Leave a border at the bottom equal to the border on the left and right sides, or allow the Shimmer Sheetz to extend all the way to the lower edge. It looks good either way.

3. Die cut lots of wildflowers. For strong contrast and bolder looking silhouettes choose black cardstock. For a softer look choose mauve or whatever color goes well with the cardstock and Shimmer Sheetz you selected.

4. Complete the tag fronts by adding the die cut wildflowers and Washi tape, or embellish further by combining vintage lace, buttons (with shanks removed), the die cut flowers and tape. For the Bonus Tag use only three round embellishments like buttons, oversized brads or low-relief dimensional scrapbook stickers (no wildflowers). Options: Glue only some sections of the flowers in place, leaving some areas free for added movement and dimension. Use Glossy Accents to add a bit of shine to selected areas of the flowers as shown in the photo below.

5. Add wide sheer ribbon tails, fine paper twine and a polka dot bead secured by a knot, or a polka dot ribbon loop to the top of the tag. Design strategy –Avoid thick or fragile elements like the button cluster or glass bead if your tags are going to be mailed in an envelope.

Things to Do With Tags: Tags can be used on gifts, card fronts, in art journals and tag books, or as ornaments.

  • Shimmer Sheetz in Pink and Light Pink Iridescent, and Fire Opal Gemstone
  • Sizzix 661190 Wildflowers Thinlits Die Set by Tim Holtz (7 Pack)
  • Dot pattern embossing folder(s)
  • Glittered cardstock in light and dark pink
  • Cardstock in black and mauve or other colors of choice
  • Ribbon, bead, cord
  • Washi tape
  • Buttons and other embellishments
  • Optional: Glossy Accents


  1. Wow!! These are beautiful! The shimmer sheetz really make the tag.

    1. Thanks, Lea. I feel the same way. Embossing folders and Shimmer Sheetz are one of my favorite combinations and I have a special fondness for dot patterns (have no clue why!)

  2. I love the addition of the buttons. and the bead - I'd never thought of that before.

    1. Thanks, paulaj! Tags have given me a good excuse to buy single beads that aren't intended for jewelry making. They look really interesting and add a special touch, but a big, fragile bead like that does make the tag too thick to mail. On the other hand, it makes the tag a 'keeper' that probably won't get tossed.

  3. Oh these are gorgeous - love them Judi!!!

  4. Perfect... they would be so great as name tags at a small gathering... love them.