Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Eat Out: Stampbord Fridge Magnets by Judi Kauffman for The Queen’s Ink

 This is a perfect project for beginners! Hope you’ll join me…

I’m getting a head start on holiday gifts. I thought that Stampbord fridge magnets would be fun to make for stocking stuffers, plus they’re flat and easy to mail. I chose 2.5” x 3.5” Stampbord pieces, but they are available in a variety of sizes so you can make smaller magnets or much larger ones.

Stampbord, made by Ampersand Art Supply, has a smooth bright white clay surface, perfect for stamping and coloring. It’s also great for all kinds of mark making with pens or with scratching tools. And it’s nice and sturdy. Boards are about an eighth-inch thick, the back is a neutral dark brown and resembles Masonite.

1. Stamp in black archival ink. Let the ink dry thoroughly or speed it up with a heat tool. (Practice stamping on cheap envelopes or pieces of paper or cardstock till you get the composition you like. Your practice pieces can be colored, cut and used for cards and postcards.)

2. Color with paint and/or markers. Add dots, circles, lines, and other marks; use a scratching tool to create white lines. Leave the scratched lines white or color over them. Tip from Kae Pea, owner of RubberMoon Art Stamps: Wet the surface of the Stampbord with a brush and plain clean water, then use a brush and watercolors if you want smooth, blended colors. (I did only minimal blending and used markers, a gold paint pen, plus white opaque and black fine line pens. I did a lot of scratching with a craft knife held at an angle to create white lines on two of the magnets, no scratching on the other two.)

3. Glue on the magnets. Done!

Other finishing options:

Paint the edges of the Stampbord.

Sign and date the back!

Instead of a magnet, turn the rectangle into a small hanging ornament. Drill holes in the upper left and right corner and add a cord.

Glue the Stampbord to a pocket salvaged from an old pair of jeans or a piece of painted canvas to give it a larger presence on the wall, as shown below.

  • Stampbord rectangles in size of choice (shown: 2.5” x 3.5”)
  • Markers, paints, pens of choice
  • Craft knife or a scratching tool
  • Black permanent (archival) ink pad, or any dark color of choice
  • Magnets
  • Strong hold glue formulated for non-porous surfaces or Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs to secure the magnets

Rubber stamps:

Eat Out (Stampers Anonymous)
Sunday Best by Sunny Carvalho (RubberMoon)
Stampstracts by Kae Pea – sorta scalloped, bubblesndots, line work, starstract, dot maker (RubberMoon)


  1. They are adorable!! My sentiments exactly!!!

  2. I like these a lot. And I agree with the sentiment!

  3. Love them all! Thank you for a wonderful share!!!

  4. This magnet is a cute idea. Really enjoyed Kae Pea's class on abstraction. I love inspirational quotes and words on my art. When I got home I stamped words in the projects we did in class. I really like how my projects turned out. Judy you have me the idea that I can turn what I did into magnets for presents for my sisters. Thanks!

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