Monday, February 27, 2017

Stampstracts Bookmarks By Judi Kauffman for The Queen’s Ink

I thought it would be fun to make bookmarks to donate to our local library and the school where our neighbor’s daughter teaches third grade. Bookmarks are such an easy project and they’re a fun treat to keep on hand for visiting kids, to make for book club friends, and to keep for ourselves. (I leave bookmarks in my cookbooks so I can turn straight to favorite recipes!)

This batch features Stampstracts rubberstamps by Kae Pea from RubberMoon, made with a ‘slice and dice’ method. Each one has two or more layers so they’re relatively sturdy, a tad too thick and lumpy to laminate. I never mind when bookmarks wear out. I toss them and start with new ones! And my friends know that my box of bookmarks is always at the ready whenever they need ‘free refills’…

Another option: If time is short, start with a sheet of cardstock, stamp in a random manner until the entire surface is covered, add a dash of color here and there with markers or pencils. Laminate the sheet and slice it into six 8.5” long strips.

To duplicate my samples:

1. Cut an 8.5” x 11” sheet of off-white speckled cardstock into three equal 11” long strips. (Or almost equal - Eyeball it if you don’t feel like measuring.) One sheet yields five bookmarks. Cut more strips if you want a larger batch!

2. Using a variety of Stampstracts stamps and 3 different dye inks, stamp each strip with a repeat pattern as shown or as you prefer. TIP: Get the kids in on the act. They’ll love creating their own patterns and it’s a fun shared activity.

3. Color inside and around some of the patterns using markers in colors that coordinate with the 3 dye inks.

4. Cut each strip into two pieces - 6" and 5". Set aside the three 6" pieces to use for 1-pattern bookmarks. (Another option: Cut the strips into two 6" pieces for six 1-pattern bookmarks. Skip step 5.)

5. Tape the 5" pieces together and then cut the new rectangle into two 3-pattern bookmarks as shown below.

6. Complete all five of the bookmarks by adding one or two solid color cardstock border layers in coordinating colors.

7. More options:
Punch a hole at the top and add yarn, ribbon, or a tassel.
Stamp or computer-generate a reading-related quote for the back of the bookmark.
Sign and date each of your unique Stampstracts Bookmarks.



  • Stampstracts (RubberMoon)
  • 3 inks of choice
  • Markers of choice
  • Cardstock in off-white and assorted solid colors
  • Double-sided adhesive tape or glue stick

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