Monday, May 8, 2017

Starring Laurel Burch! By Judi Kauffman for The Queen’s Ink

My Laurel Burch stamp collection keeps growing and I keep having fun using them here at The Queen’s Inkling. You’ll find the ‘Dog Tail Run’ stamp (a leaping dog) featured in the April 18, 2017 post and the ‘Blossoming Woman’ set took center stage last week (May 2, 2017).

This week, I’ve kept going with Blossoming Woman and have added a seated cat (‘Feline Friend’) to the mix. If you’re a dog person, not to worry, the Laurel Burch collection also includes a seated dog (‘Dog Tail’).

Quick & Easy Projects:

Envelopes and cards.


1. Using denim blue or any dark ink of choice, stamp on white side-fold cards or envelopes.

2. Color inside the lines as well as around them with your favorite markers, pencils, pens, paints, or a combination. Doodle as much or as little as you choose. Use a quirky palette or stick to more realistic colors. It couldn’t be easier. (I used fine nib black pens to add eyeliner, eyelashes and pupils as well as to create patterns and darken/reinforce various stems and other elements as shown in the photo below. The tiny yellow dots on the cat’s eyelids and surrounding flowers were done with a Gelly Roll Moonlight opaque ink pen.)

3. Optional: Use the stencils that are included in the Blossoming Woman set to add more pattern and color.

A supply list follows the photo gallery –

  • Laurel Burch ‘Blossoming Woman’ stamp set
  • Laurel Burch ‘Feline Friend’
  • Laurel Burch ‘Dog Tail’ (not shown)
  • Ink in dark color of choice (Shown: Denim)
  • Coloring medium of choice (Shown: Winsor & Newton ProMarkers, Sakura Pigma Micron pens 01 and 1, Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight pen in Yellow)
  • White envelopes
  • White cardstock
  • Optional:
  • Additional stamps (words, short sentiments)
  • ‘Blossoming Woman’ die set (perfect for cards, but not used for Q&E projects shown)


  1. Judi, thank you for bringing spring to the blog! It's overcast and cool up here in New England, but at Queen's Inkling it's full of color and warmth. Love!

  2. Love Laurel Burch stamps. I like the variety you made - one stamp, different wys to use it. ty.

  3. Judi, thanks for the inspiration with the Laurel Burch stamps. You a very brave! I really enjoy your additions, eye liner, pupils and eye shadow to bring the stamp to life. I feel like I would mess it up for sure and waste a perfectly good envelope.

  4. Awesome job!! I love how the stamped images are just begging for unique coloring. Kind of a Zentangle-ness about them.